Statistics: +1 longsword, +3 on Outer Planes. Clerics, druids, and paladins of Freya may (1/week) contact the Valkyrie who previously wielded the blade, as a commune spell, but only one question is allowed. Glows in the presence of spiders, and clerics and holy places of Freya.

Appearance: This sword appears to be little more than a ceremonial sword or possibly a druidic weapon of some type. Its handle of horn makes it appear unsuitable for true combat, and it is encased in a rustic, unadorned scabbard of wood and leather. However, once the blade is drawn, it is clear that this sword is of exquisite workmanship. The length of the blade is traced with finely etched runes of an unknown design. There is an ethereal quality to the sword that those looking at it cannot comprehend. Once gripped, the horn handle (crafted from a sacred stag sacrificed to Freya) fits the wielder’s hand better than any weapon ever held, and the blade glows with a warm, low light in the presence of any priestess or holy place of Freya. Also, since Freya hates spiders, the sword glows in their presence to alert the wielder to danger.

Visions: Any good-aligned character holding the weapon will see a vision of the goddess Freya, differing in intensity based on her Wisdom and Charisma scores. If the wilder has both a Wisdom and Charisma of 14 or above, the vision will be incredibly strong, and the goddess will greet the wielder and invite her to worship her. If the wielder is good-aligned but does not meet these requirements, she will simply feel the goddess’ presence. If the wielder goes so far as to become a cleric, druid, or paladin of Freya, she gains the blade’s weekly power.

History: Shandril, the priestess of Freya in Fairhill, found the sword in her adventuring days, hidden in a spider’s nest, and it was Valkyria that inspired her to Freya’s worship. How the sword came to this world is unknown, but it was crafted and wielded by a Valkyrie, one of Freya’s warrior-maidens. When Content Not Found: Tavik’s orcs stole the [[:Crucible of Freya]] from Fairhill, Shandril loaned Valkyria to Bruce, and after the League of Justice reclaimed the Crucible and defeated Tavik, she allowed him to keep it.


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