Crimmor is a small village, slightly smaller than Fairhill (and with half its population.) It was once a rather prosperous fishing village, and a gathering place for merchants on their way between Reme and Bard’s Gate. It is run by a mercantile guild, though in recent years an informal thieves’ guild has become the true base of power. Wistus, the head of these bandits, has used intimidation and coercion to force the aristocratic Flendon and the rest of the guild council to govern his way. Meanwhile, he extorts payments (“donations to Zilchus”) from passing caravans, and waylays those who do not meet his expectations. He has also been known to use other violent means, such as paying a band of gnolls to burn down the Tradeway waystation in Stoneheart Forest.

Originally, Lake Crimmormere was a source of the CrimmorBass – a type of largemouth fish famed for its flavor and its ability to be dried and preserved. In the last 10 years, these fish have slowly disappeared. This is partially due to the presence of a tribe of freshwater locothah making their underwater lair on the western shore of the lake. Rumors about strange underwater ghosts were recently debunked by the League of Justice, who showed the villagers that these were merely illusions, most likely cast by locothah. The locothah, in turn, are being manipulated by Wistus vicariously through Flendon.

Until recently, an even greater problem beset Crimmor Village: nightly attacks by a swarm of stirges sent by the mad mage-druid Yandarral from his cave hideout in Stoneheart Forest. The League of Justice put an end to his antics as well.

The ascendancy of Fairhill, the lack of fish, and the corruption of the guild has led to a decline in Crimmor, and now it is rarely visited except by traveling merchants who know of Stipish’s prowess in repairing wagons.

Crimmor Village: Hamlet. Population: 200; Mixed (human 75%, half-elf 13%, elf 5%, dwarf 3%, halfling 2%, gnome 1%, half-orc 1%). Government: Non-standard (governing merchant’s guild is a front for a thieves’ guild). Alignment: Lawful Evil. 100 gp limit, 7,000 gp assets.

Authority Figures

  • Flendon (male human Ari): Master of the Crimmor Merchants’ Guild.
  • Wistus (male half-elf Rog): Master of the Crimmor Thieves’ Guild.
  • Corlar (male human Ftr): Captain of the CrimmorGuard.
  • Kenthus (male human Clr): Priest of Zilchus.

Important Characters

  • Stipish the Wheelwright (male human Exp): Owner of Stipish’s Shop, guild councilman, and master waynwright.
  • Ames the Boatwright (male half-elf Exp): Guild councilman and master boatwright.
  • Lorin the Tailor (male human Exp): Elderly guild councilman and master tailor.
  • Florg the Fisherman (male human Com): Captain of the Starving Stirge.
  • Hen (female human War): Proprietor of The Blessed Net.
  • Sjordia (female half-elf Brd)
  • Bostorn (male dwarf Com): Proprietor of The Merchant’s Wagon Inn.
  • Xon (female half-orc Bbn): Bouncer at The Merchant’s Wagon Inn.
  • Iindriarog (female half-orc Adp): local witch.
  • The Knights of Stoneheart (female human Rog, male human Wiz, and male human Ftr): Names unknown. An upstart local adventuring company.
  • Others: CrimmorGuard (War2×2, War1×10); Com1×151; Brd1, Clr1×2, Ftr1, Rog2×2, Rog1×4, Sor1×2, Exp2×2, Exp1×5.

Captain Corlar upholds the laws of Crimmor, such as they are, with a scant dozen men and women. All are equipped with chainmail, shield, spear, and longsword – good equipment for a settlement of this size. Over their armor, the CrimmorGuard wear a blue surcoat with a white device of a boat on the left and a wagon on the right. Their duties are split into three watches of eight hours apiece (0800-1600, 1600-0000, 0000-0800). The mid-day watch has one guard on duty at both town gates, as well as two standing watch at the CrimmorMarket. The other two watches also have one guard each at the gates, as two more patrol the hamlet together. The western tower along the wall is abandoned for everyday use, but houses the small cell that passes for the village jail. Captain Corlar does not stand watch, but acts as needed.


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