Baran the One-Handed

Captain of the Fairhill Militia


LG Male Human Fighter 5


Captain Baran is a stern man. He keeps his reddish-brown hair pulled back from his face. His full moustache hides a scar above his mouth. Baran’s most immediately noticeable feature, aside from his demeanor, is the fact that he has no right hand. His right arm ends in a grisly stump of scar tissue. He lost his hand fighting swamp trolls in the fens to the south, and the pain of the wound has never left him. After years of mercenary service, he found himself in Fairhill.. There he found a place of peace and safety – respite from his years of pain. He befriended Shandril, who was unable to heal his arm – too much time having passed since the injury. He won the trust of Shandril and Arlen and 10 years ago was appointed the captain of the village militia. In this position, Captain Baran is the third highest ranking villager, after Shandril and Arlen. The safety and security of the town are his primary concerns. He will sacrifice anything to keep Fairhill safe. The recent troubles have caused him great anguish; he feels personally responsible for the safety of the village, and every villager who is harmed affects him as if he himself had been stricken.

Baran the One-Handed

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