Magistrate of Fairhill


NG Male Human Fighter 3


Arlen is a stern but fair man. He is 45 years old, and his hair and beard are dark, with a hint of gray above the temples and a small streak of gray in his short beard. Arlen has a proud and confident demeanor. He carries a three-foot rod of darkwood banded with iron with him at all times, and it functions as a +1 mace. This is his badge of office as magistrate. In combat he wields it alongside his trusty short sword, which has served him since his days in the Lyreguard at Bard’s Gate. His dark eyes seem to pierce whomever he holds in his gaze, making it difficult to lie directly to him.

Arlen’s preference for robes, steely gaze, and ever-present rod convey to some that he must be a mage. He has had many occupations, but never that of mage. He was once a captain of the Lyreguard at Bard’s Gate. After that, he was an adventurer and explored the Stoneheart Mountain dungeon, the Tomb of Abysthor. Rumors say he has been to the famous dungeon of Rappan Athuk, but if the place is ever mentioned in his presence he goes pale and refuses to speak of it. The same tales suggest that, after some kind of debilitating undead attack in that dungeon, he retired to settle down in Fairhill, and eventually was elected magistrate. Although he holds the political leadership of the village, Arlen’s friend Shandril is perhaps the true leader of Fairhill as the priestess of its patron goddess, Freya. __


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