Warrior Maiden and Priestess of Freya, Leader of the Village of Fairhill


NG Female Elf Fighter 1/Cleric 5 of Freya


Shandril is unique in many ways. Aside from her captivating beauty, she is one of very few elves who are clerics of a non-elven deity. Shandril is tall for an elven female. She wears her hair in braids, also unusual for an elf, in the style of a Valkyrie – a warrior-maiden of Freya. Though she prefers a simple tunic and, in colder weather, her cape of winter-wolf fur, when the situation dictates, she will don her shining scale mail, shield, and silver helm. She is kind and gentle, yet firm in her opinions and her devotion to her goddess. She has no desire for political power, though she has a considerable amount of it as a result of her standing in the village. She is a friend of Magistrate Arlen, and the two of them consult on important issues.

As with many people who are now in Fairhill, Shandril was once an adventurer. As a young elven warrior, she found the sword “Valkyria”, which she liberated from a spider’s hoard. Upon drawing the sword, she was visited by a vision of the goddess herself. Filled with the ecstasy of that visitation, Shandril pledged herself from that day forward to be Freya’s devoted priestess. Abandoning her homeland, Shandril ventured south, through many lands, doing Freya’s will until she came to the rolling hills south of the Stoneheart Mountains. There she found the small farming village of Fairhill. At Freya’s direction, she founded the temple in the goddess’ honor in her new home. That was some 90 years ago. Under Shandril’s guidance and with the blessing of Freya, Fairhill has become a fertile, prosperous and peaceful village. Shandril also has been blessed by her goddess with an item of great significance – the Crucible of Freya. With the crucible, Shandril makes burnt offerings of new shoots of wheat and newly picked grapes to invoke the blessing of Freya for the fertility of the land. She also uses the crucible to make holy water and to bless the residents with fertility and love.__


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