Since the early 580s, the rabble-rousing half-orc “emperor” Turrosh Mak has led the disparate humanoid tribes of the Pomarj in wave after wave of violence against her neighbors. The dwarves of the Principality of Ulek were particularly hard-hit. Since then, Prince Corond has sought aid from many quarters: alliance with the Knights of Luna in 586 helped begin the great counteroffensive. Aid has trickled in from the the Duchy and County of Ulek, as well as the Free City of Greyhawk, the Kingdom of Keoland, the Duchy of Urnst, and the Free City of Irongate. But even against this grand coalition, still the orcs flood westward.

In 591, Viscount Carlingford of Longspear rode off with all his sworn men to join the war. Although Longspear is a part of the Yeomanry League, Lord Carlingford chose to fight because of his status as a Splendid Elder Basilisk in the Knights of the Watch, the order sworn to protect Keoland. He had heard that the Watchers’ enemy, the Scarlet Brotherhood, had thrown in their lot with Turrosh Mak, and he vowed to crusade for a year against this unholy alliance.

Meanwhile, the lands sworn to Longspear have suffered. Without their lord’s presence, government has been in the hands of the town of Longspear and the villages scattered around it. Orc and gnoll tribes descend from the hills, and bandits roam the highways. Worse, the infamous dungeon of Rappan Athuk spews forth its habitual menaces. The vale between the Stoneheart Mountains and the Graywash River teeters on the edge of anarchy.

Until the arrival of a noble band of heroes called the League of Justice.

Clark. Bruce. Diana. Hal. The four charter members of this adventuring company began questing to help the endangered people of Longspear. From there, the League’s adventures have taken them across the Stoneheart Vale. Members have come, gone, and died, but their mission remains the same: to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Yeomanry League of Justice

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